Basic Listing

$950 annual or
$84 per month

Your Basic Listing includes more information than the free listing, and gives you control over that information. Ratings are added, a contact form to you is added, a short business description is added and you can add 2 images.

Expanded Listing

$1400 annual or
$125 per month

Your Expanded Listing allows you even more information and control over your information. It stands out with a light yellow background, and includes everything in the Basic Listing plus you can add a much longer business description, your website address and add 4 more additional for a total of 6.

Highlighted Listing

$1900 annually or
$167 per month

Your Highlighted Listing allows you even more information and control over your information. It stands out with a light green background. Everything from the Basic Listing and the Expanded listing plus add your email and even custom business tags are –  and you can add 12 more images, for a total of 18.

Highlighted and Exclusive listings get referrals!

The best part of the Highlighted AND EXCLUSIVE listings? If the area you service has not been purchased with exclusivity already, you begin to get referrals from our network of partners. Get exclusivity as soon as possible and keep your place on top! The product pays for itself.

Exclusive Listing

$2400 annually or
$209 per month

Exclusive Listings get everything. At the top and highlighted in light red, you have 25 images and every option we offer.

But – the single best option included is exclusivity for the # of zip codes you purchase. Now, if someone has already purchase a highlighted listing in that area? They will still get a small percentage of referrals. If as many as 5 have purchased highlighted listings? You retain 50% of that area exclusively.

Referrals are hugely valuable. Our growing network of Trade Unions, Professional Associations, Augmented Insurance companies and Insurance companies themselves are signing on to offer this benefit to their clientele – Ethical Family Funeral homes posting our joint Code of Ethics and adhering to it, offering discounted pricing and simple grace, dignity and ethical treatment to the bereaved.

* Referrals are only available to Highlighted and/or Exclusive listings.

Free Listing

Annual fee
$0 usd

Free listings are basic and have no additional benefits, although you can put two images.