Family owned funeral homes used to be the main service provider in their communities. The people who ran them lived in the area and offered their friends, neighbors and communities true compassion and support during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Owned and managed locally, it was important for them to do their very best because they cared. Because their name was on the shingle. It was a life committed to service, and the last thing their reputation needed was to be accused of price gouging or pushing grieving families into expensive packages. Over generations, this earned them an immense amount of trust. This trust made them an appetizing target for corporate consolidation.

Since the 1960’s we have seen an incredible transformation of the funeral profession; North America wide and primarily in cities with populations over 600,000, where corporate funeral homes can remain anonymous. Once the objective of the funeral homes shifted to generating returns to shareholders on the stock exchange, that began the deterioration of the relationship between communities and their local funeral home.

With commissioned salespeople and a quarter by quarter outlook on profits, conglomerates have been very successful in buying out family funeral homes, and most often, leaving their name on the door. Anything to cash in on the trust that the family had built over time.

In Canada, these reports provide a snapshot of what families are going through every day. This undercover work mostly by CBC is truly shocking to see.

Our goal is to certify real Family Funeral Homes throughout Canada and the USA and to offer the directory to you free of charge. We are a consortium of concerned funeral directors, web designers and end of life care professionals who intend to restore the public confidence in our delicate profession. We would also encourage you to join the Partners In Care Alliance if you desire to encourage this kind of work.

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