Corporate & Wholesale Benefits

The Human Resources, Pensions and Benefits world is rapidly changing – massive companies have come together to create lifestyle benefits, where employee well-being has taken its important place in employee retention.

Benefits are no longer just insurance and discounts at local gyms – augmented insurance providers have built their businesses to help companies attract and keep their best employees, providing proactive mental health help, other health benefits, insurance and even learning opportunities.

The benefit we bring to the table helps close the circle in the saying “from cradle to grave”, because really, insurance is covering employees from cradle to death – and then they are left to a largely unregulated and corporate dominated mix of funeral options.

All too often, people are taken advantage of in their greatest moments of grief – and our solution to this problem is to offer referrals across North America to Family Funeral Homes who deliver grace, dignity and genuine caring, without the commissioned salespeople trying to upsell and thinking only of the mighty dollar.

We negotiate discounts and VIP service with each of our Family Funeral Homes so that this employee benefit serves their family and helps them navigate their way through this complex and emotional time.

Easily affordable and eminently worthwhile, this benefit truly closes that circle and ensures the very best for your employees.

Prices vary per memberships and are typically no higher than $0.04 per member per month, or $0.48/yr.