Code of Conduct

We believe:

    1. That all our costs for goods and services that we sell are clear and easy to understand for grieving families.
    2. That you won’t receive unsolicited visits or phone calls selling funeral or cemetery goods or services you may not want or need.
    3. That all Funeral Counselors are certified and educated through accredited programs.
    4. That the after-death care profession is held to a high standard of professionalism that ensures it takes responsibility for all of its actions.
    5. That you are comfortable knowing where your money is going when you buy services in advance.
    6. That storage and care for the deceased by a funeral home is on the company premises and held to the highest standard.
    7. That abusive and unethical practices are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    8. That all cemetery chapels are affordable and accessible to all members of the public and competing funeral service providers.
    9. That all current and future cemeteries be required to allow owners to reuse their occupied plots after 40 years, should owners desire.
    10. The promotion, education and provision of green burial practices be made available as an option to the public.