What it’s all about

Family Funeral Homes used to be one of the centres of our communities. The people who ran them lived in the area and offered their friends, neighbours, communities true caring and support during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Owned and managed by those community members, it was extremely important to them to do their very best, first, because they cared. Second, because they had the experience to deal with the family in crisis. And third, they knew not to gouge and push people to buy the single most expensive packages they could offer because they knew they would be run out of town in the not too distant future. It’s bad business.

But that depends on the goals OF the business. If the goal of the business is to return money to New York Stock Exchange shareholders, well, that is their goal. And that is why we have seen this incredible transformation of the funeral profession.

With commissioned salespeople and a quarter by quarter outlook on profits, these massive conglomerates have been very successful in buying out family funeral homes, and most often, not changing the name or associating their name with it – in order to give the impression that everything if operating as usual.

Have a look at just one or two of the news reports on the Partners In Care Alliance website – undercover work mostly by CBC is truly shocking to see,

Our goal is to certify real Family Funeral Homes throughout Canada and the USA and offer that directory to you free of charge. We would encourage you to join the Partners In Care Alliance if you have the means and the desire to encourage this kind of work.

Thank you.